Sams Club Group Membership Registration Form

Sams Club Group Membership Program on Hold! Sams is evaluating the program and may consider terminating the program. 

Please fill in the form below for Sams Club membership application/Renewal to enjoy 20% off regular rate (currently regular rate $40/year). All fields are mandatory. All the information will only be used for Sams membership application.

We will send you a temporary card to you. You can bring it to any Sams Club to get up to two official Sams Club card living in your household. If it is for renewal, you can keep your current card.

First Name
Last Name
Email Addrss
Home phone
Street address
Zip Code
Current Sams Member No Yes
Current Sams Membership Number

After submit your form, print the next confirmation page and mail it along with your check (payable to CAGD, total $32, including one year membership fee ) to the following address.

We may also collect checks periodically at local Chinese schools.

CAGD/Sams Membership
P.O. Box 70813, Rochester Hills , MI 48307